Wix Website Builder Review

wix website builder

The Wix Website Builder allows anyone to make his own website. You don’t need to know any computer programming languages. Is this Wix tool easy to use?

We will seek to offer an honest appraisal in this Wix Website Builder Review. We will discuss the most popular Wix features. At the end, we will discuss the pros and cons of Wix, so you can decide if it is what you want.

Popular Website Builder

Wix Website BuilderWix can make many valid claims to being the #1 website building platform with over 110 million websites made. The creators of this website builder understand that most people know how to drag-and-drop, but lack expertise in computer languages. Therefore, Wix created elements, templates and features, which users can drag and drop to create their websites.

Wix is easy to use.

You can start from scratch or use one of the many, professional-looking templates that are available. Thankfully, it is easy to modify the templates. Moreover, some of the templates are industry-specific.

It is easy to add a sticky header from the sidebar. The system allows you to change fonts, sizes or emphasis. Or, you can use the Wix photo editor to crop, resize and so forth.

Who Might Use Wix?

If you don’t know anything about computer programming languages, then Wix might be ideal for you. If you are planning on running an online store, art studio, music business or restaurant, then Wix also might be a good choice. There is a useful portfolio feature that allows artists, photographers and musicians to display their work online.

Individuals might want to create their own website to share their hobbies, interests or simply spend time with their adoring fans. The Wix builder is a great option for these folks too. Non-profit organizations might like the integrated newsletter tool. One expert has suggested that Wix is better for websites with fewer than 30 pages.

Compare Wix Plans

Wix Promo CodeYou can start out using the free Wix version. Try to use the templates and see what you can create. Unfortunately, the free version does not provide you with a domain name. So if you would like to upgrade to a more robust plan, make sure to look for a wix promo code to help you save money on your wix paid plan. If you an get the same website builder plan, but for cheaper, then it makes sense to use a promo code

As your business grows, you might want to add more advanced features, then you can upgrade to a paid version. Users can choose from five Wix paid plans:

  • Connect Domain
  • Combo
  • Unlimited
  • eCommerce
  • VIP

With Connect Domain, you will receive a domain name along with Wix advertisements.

Lawyers, doctors and artists might like the Combo plan. There are no advertisements on your website and you have plenty of storage space.

The most advanced plan, VIP, provides you with a domain name, ad vouchers, free premium apps and VIP customer support.

Unfortunately, some Wix plans are only valuable in certain countries.

Artificial Design Intelligence

Do you remember how your parents ran alongside you when you rode your first 2-wheeled bike? Wix also offers a little help for those who need it. You can automate certain processes, such as Social Media connections and contact form generation with the Wix artificial design intelligence (ADI).

Wix App Market

You can improve the basic system by visiting the Wix App Market. Choose from hundreds of apps to grow your business. These include features to improve photographs, measure Web traffic, create forms, create elements and so on.

Some of these apps are free and others require a fee. These apps provides much-needed scalability – you can improve your functionality as your website grows.

Search Engine Optimization

The World Wide Web continues to evolve and so does Wix. Originally, the search engine optimization (SEO) settings for the website builder were inferior. These have since than, been upgraded.

You can add page titles or descriptions. And, you can add the Alt tag to photographs for a higher Page Rank.

Mobile Editor

Nowadays, smart phones are taking the world by storm. Wix might have an advantage over other website builders with respect to creating mobile sites. This is a nice benefit, which enables you to attract more smart phone users.

The Mobile Editor provides you with photo filters and animated texts. Once you finish with your design and layout, you can test your website’s performance. Finally, publish it and Wix will make a backup copy.

Customer Support

Customer support is via email or phone. Unfortunately, there is no Live Chat. Unless you pay for the top plans, your questions will be submitted to a forum.


These are the primary pros of the Wix Website Builder:

Easy to Use

Creative DIY

Extensive App Market

Anyone can use it. The elements can be modified, allowing you to explore your creative side. There is an extensive app market to add functionality.


These are the primary cons of the Wix Website Builder:

Basic Blog

Not Ideal for Large Websites

Limited SEO

The blogging features are rudimentary. Larger websites need more functionality. And, the Wix SEO features are sub-standard. For example, it has an odd system for naming .jpgs, which makes it difficult for search engines to find those images.

Wix Makes Website Building Easy

When you start to create an online presence, you might not be sure of what you are getting into. Wix provides you with training wheels, so you have a chance to succeed. It starts you off with a professionally-looking website.

Website visitors are impressed by Wix templates. Therefore, Wix provides you with a puncher’s chance of being successful. You also have a great deal of latitude in moving your elements around.

Some of the primary criticisms of Wix are based on the higher expectations of Web developers. For instance, there are only two levels of navigation available. This prevents you from creating a complicated website.

The Wix Website Builder is probably best for smaller operations. The company has continued to fix bugs and improve its system, which is a plus.

For larger websites, the SEO, navigation menu and bandwidth might not be adequate. While your website theme is professional-looking, it might look like many other people’s websites. Nevertheless, Wix allows beginners to make great-looking websites and you can’t beat that.

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