Squarespace Online Website Builder Review

If you’re in the market for a website building platform and do not know which one to choose, you are not alone. There are numerous website creation platforms that all seek to help you create websites that fit their personal and business needs. With names such as Bigcommerce, Shopify, Wix, Moonfruit, Pixpa, Jimdo, Weebly, WordPress amongst others, it can be very difficult to find a website creation platform that suits your needs.

One of the leading platforms of this type is entitled Squarespace and in this review, we are going to help you decide if it is the right site building tool for what you want. When we get to the end of the review, you should know if it’s the right option for what you need to do with your website. We’re going to do a broad overview of what Squarespace is and how it performs, provide a general outlook on which subscription plan would suit your needs the greatest, evaluate it’s key features and discuss what separates Squarespace from the rest of the pack.

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace takes a simple concept and applies it to the idea of website creation. The idea behind Squarespace is that anyone should be able to build a professional website, even if they are not familiar with coding. Squarespace also helps users edit their site with ease with it’s unique content management system. So, instead of loading up software and pain stakingly writing out lines of code to create your website, you can do it all on the go using Squarespace’s style editor and various generated templates.

It’s as simple as picking a template, picking the elements of the site design that you wish to alter, and then flicking a few switches here and there to make the changes. If you want to click on some text and change the font or typeface or click on your background to change the background image or it’s color it’s as simple as pressing a button. However, Squarespace is not a website that is geared toward you if you are looking to have the utmost control over your websites environment: it is a website creation platform that is best suited to you if you wish to pick a simple template, add some content and then click a button to publish it. This type of platform has it’s pros and it’s cons, which we will go through as we go on.

Subscription Plans

Squarespace offers four different plans that are suited toward different needs. There are two options geared toward you if you want to make a simple personal or business website; the personal plan costs 16$ a month whereas the business package will run you $26 dollars a month. The other two pricing tiers are geared towards you if you wish to create an online store. The basic package for online stores will run you $30 a month whereas the advanced package will run $46 dollars. The wording on this can be a little confusing. The personal plan is the only plan does not allow you to sell products because it does not include the functionality for e-commerce. All the other plans allow you to run your own store. The key differences that happen between the plans are few, but significant. If you wish to use CSS to edit your website you cannot do that on the personal plan. The personal plan also only allows you to have two different contributors to the website. The premium tiers also give users some benefits. You get a free year of G Suite with the higher priced plans as well as 100$ of Google Adwords credit. There are other advantages to buying the higher priced tiers as well, including access to Xero, the removal of transaction fees, allowing you to use third party integrations, and letting you use Squarespace’s promotional pop-ups for you to promote your business. Due to the many benefits of going with the more expensive packages, as well as the premium tiers not being that much more expensive, I would heavily recommend going for one of the premium tiers.


The templates available on Squarespace are very slick and unique, allowing you to promote yourself with the greatest of ease. They have a wide range of stock images for you to choose from, as well as various typefaces and backgrounds. In addition to this, the designs are completely designed for mobile browsers and are responsive in that setting. The only true downside is going to be if you are a power user that wants to buff up your website with hard HTML and CSS code. Ultimately, Squarespace is one of the very best website editing platforms unless you want to do a lot of hand coding. Take care and good luck with your business!

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